Shelley Gaudet

A teacher who wanted to make a difference …

The Solutions programs were developed over many years by a local classroom teacher who saw students struggling to keep up. The Solutions programs are based on multi-sensory teaching methods derived from numerous resources (such as the Canadian Dyslexia Association and remediation programs for struggling readers) and a wealth of classroom experience, in order to reach all varieties of learners. These programs have proved highly successful, leading to greatly improved scores and overall self-confidence. The Solutions programs form the core of the programming at Learning Solutions today, and are continuously being modified to meet the individual needs of the students.

The Learning Solutions office is located at 84 Charing Cross Street in Brantford. Several 1-to-1 tutoring stations are set up throughout the centre offering learners of all ages privacy and comfort while their tutoring sessions occur. There is also a large waiting room for parents to enjoy if they desire while their child is being tutored.

Stop in and see the difference for yourself!