“My son is like most boys who do not want to devote a lot of attention to their school work. He has many dyslexic tendencies which have made his learning experience more difficult. It doesn’t have to stay that way! Since he has been with Learning Solutions and receives one-to-one assistance, he has developed more confidence in his ability to do his school work. Even I have learned some of the tricks he knows from tutoring when we sit down to review is homework. Learning Solutions for our family has been and continues to be well worth the investment!”Tammy B., Brantford Ontario


“My son in grade 2 was really struggling and behind with reading, spelling, and writing. I reached out to Learning Solutions for an assessment to truly understand where his comprehension level sat. I was amazed that within 3 months, his individualized program brought him up to the required reading level for his grade! My son became more engaged and confident in his skills, which in turn did wonders for him at school. His instructor’s give him the one to one time he needs, keeps him focused and progressing ! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome “Victoria H., Brantford Ontario


“Our kids have benefited enormously from the programs and dedication of the great team (teachers) at Learning Solutions. We have seem remarkable academic progress and most importantly gain of confidence in both of them.”N. Doyle, Brantford Ontario


“Our experience at Learning Solutions has been very positive. The one-on-one tutoring and unique hands-on learning style is just what my eight year old son needs to succeed. Thank you Learning Solutions!”Dale, Brantford Ontario


“Learning Solutions has such a unique way of teaching. They use a technique that makes the children learn while having fun. Our son has a learning disability and started Learning Solutions one year ago. At that time, his reading and word recognition was limited. Within six months time, his growth was unbelievable. They have given him the confidence and skills he needs to succeed in his education.The staff at Learning Solutions are dedicated, caring and supportive to both the children and the parents. It is a wonderful Learning Centre. “Jennifer and Chris F., Brantford Ontario


“Our son had struggled all through grade school. It wasn’t until grade 10 that we connected with learning Solutions. Through proper assessment and a different teaching approach, he finally received the help he really needed. along with friendly and educated staff on board, he gained self confidence and became a stronger student (He now has an 82% average). We are fortunate to have found Learning Solutions.We have 3 children, two who are in high school and one in grade school. All of our children’s individual needs have been greatly met through this program. Learning Solutions has definitely been part of the “solution” to our children’s educational success.”Judy S., Brantford Ontario