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Tutoring is like dieting. There is no quick fix.

Tutoring is like dieting. There is no quick fix. Short-term programs have short-term effects. In order to achieve lasting results, the student must work through a systematic program designed to improve his skills week by week until his overall skills and attitude have changed. The first thing that most parents comment on after enrollment is that their child is picking up a book and reading on his own time.


Programming at Learning Solutions makes a difference for a struggling student for many reasons:

Tutoring is offered in a 1-1 situation.

With one tutor and one student, the tutor is able to individualize the session to the student’s own academic and emotional needs. The student does not have to wait for others, or hurry to catch up. Instead, the student is able to move at his/her own pace to mastery of the subject matter. Tutoring is never too hard for a student or too easy. It is individualized to fit each child’s current learning needs.

Programming is multi-sensory in nature.

A worksheet is only one way to practice concepts taught and should not form the basis of a student’s programming. At Learning Solutions we engage all learners – visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. We use a variety of methods to teach and practice concepts introduced. To practice the ‘magic e’ (the e on the end makes the vowel say its’ name), a student may: complete the vanishing e activity (visual), practice the Magic E Rap (auditory), spell ‘magic e’ words on a rice tray (tactile), or skywrite ‘magic e’ words (kinesthetic). These methods ensure greater retention than any worksheet ever could because they activate the senses and are motivating.

Tutoring is fun.
Tutoring is fun.

Students enjoy each session because they are greeted with an enthusiastic tutor and provided with fun games and activities that improve their areas of weakness. Instead of asking a student to read and spell lists of words, the tutor may get the child to spell his/her words on a tic tac toe grid and then work to read the words in order to win the game.

Tutoring is a commitment for the student and the parents
Tutoring is a commitment for the student and the parents.

In order for optimum learning to occur, parents must take an active role in practicing concepts learned. This is promoted at Learning Solutions through the usage of communication books and an open-door policy. Communication books provide the parent with information about each tutoring session and practice suggestions. Parents are also welcome to ask questions at any time in person, on the phone, or via e-mail. Parents may also request an educational update at any time at no extra cost to them.

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