Solutions Language Program


Solutions Language ProgramThe Solutions Language Program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching struggling readers. It allows a tutor to use creativity and individualized programming when tutoring students struggling with reading, spelling and/or creative writing. It involves all of the senses working together to help a child learn how to read. There are four stages within the program. Students are placed into a particular stage based on the outcome of their initial assessment. Students then move through the program at their own pace, and must master each level before starting the next one. Within the program, the students learn/review sounds, syllable types and spelling rules using the VAKT method – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile. Within a one-hour session, students will complete activities related to: reading fluency drills, phoneme review, reading and spelling of a specific phoneme, sight word development, reading comprehension, and creative writing. The reading/spelling activities are designed to motivate the students to succeed!

Tutoring may be guaranteed.

1 session per week per family $45.00/hr
2 sessions per week per family $43.00/hr
3 sessions per week per family $41.00/hr