Holiday Hours 2016

The best present during the holiday season is the gift of learning. Here at Learning Solution we are open this holiday season on the following dates; Tuesday December 27, Wednesday December 28, Thursday December 29, Monday January 2, Tuesday January 3, Wednesday January 4, Thursday January 5. During these dates we are open by appointment.. read more →

Annual Food Drive

Coming back to Learning Solutions this holiday season is our Annual Food Drive. We encourage all students and families to do what they can to help out those struggling in our community. Our donation bin arrived on November 24, and will be here until Friday December 23. Thank you in advance for all your help... read more →

Spook Week

Learning Solutions’ Spook week is here. From Tuesday, October 25 to Monday, October 31, wear your costume and give us a fright. As an added bonus we will have treats and goodies, as well as 50 Bonus Dollars for those who dress up. We are excited to see your Halloween best. Have a fun, spooky,.. read more →

Fall Tutoring

FACTS ABOUT SUMMER LEARNING LOSS On the average student lose about 2.6 months of math skills Students lose one month of reading and spelling skills Starting July 6 – August 29 SUMMER TUTORING for ALL GRADES 1 to 1 Summer Tutoring ( ongoing help throughout the summer) Learning Solutions Programs, Summer School & Online 1.. read more →


Our 6 year old son Andrew has been going to Learning Solutions since last summer. He was going twice a week during the summer and has been once a week during the school year. He is a very active athletic little guy who loves any kind of sport. He just ask me if he could.. read more →


A big thank you for tonight. I practiced both sets of words with Jeffrey and was amazed, I haven’t seem him try that hard and try to sound out the words like he did tonight. He used some terms or tools I wasn’t sure about and they must have come from you and worked! Jenn read more →


Learning Solution has moved a few doors down from the old location. New Location: 84 Charing Cross, Unit #2. read more →


Learning Solutions was voted as the PLATINUM AWARD WINNING tutoring center in Brantford by the Brant News Reader’s Choice! Here is a link to the Brant News Special Sections outlining all winners to the Brant News Reader’s Choice Awards: Thank you SO MUCH for your support! read more →

Study Skills Workshops

Hello families, Common feedback we hear from parents is that their child does not know ‘how’ to study, and we had a great idea. Learning Solutions will be running study skills workshops during the month of August.  We will explore important topics such as learning styles, goal setting, time and materials management, homework, various study.. read more →